There's a Tree in the Children's Division!

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

There's a Tree in the Children's Division!

Watching nature's seasons -- indoors

Tree with Birds in MLK Library
If you've walked past Room 200 lately, you may have noticed something growing.  That's right, a tree!  Sprouted from construction paper, scissors and a little hard work, we "planted" it to remind us of the beautiful passing seasons.  

When it first appeared in February, a few snowflakes were still falling through the bare limbs.  Now that March is here and the chill is gone, several local birds have returned from their winter migrations and now call it home!  These are a Robin, a Rusty Blackbird, a Carolina Parakeet, an Eastern Phoebe and some sort of owl (we can't get a good look at him, because he sleeps during the day).  See if you can identify which birds are which!  Hint: Can you tell which species used to live here, but is now extinct?  If you need help finding out, ask a librarian!

Check back later this Spring and Summer to see the tree grow and change.  We think it's a cherry tree -- but we won't know for sure until it blossoms!