Story Ideas From The Georgetown Young Writers Group

Georgetown Library

Story Ideas From The Georgetown Young Writers Group

A young writer hard at workThe Young Writers Group at Georgetown Library has been busy scribbling during the winter months. In March, we came up with some very interesting story ideas using picture dice. These dice have symbols on all sides. The writers rolled three dice and then came up with some story ideas based on combining the three pictures.

We tried this first as a group. Rolling the dice, we came up with a fish, a piece of mail and a man with a parachute. While these three objects can seem completely dissimilar, our young writers were up to the task. These are some of the innovative ideas they came up with:
  • A man holds a mysterious envelope with a picture of a fish on it. He doesn’t know what it will do when he opens it.
  • A man with a parachute is holding a letter and it turns him into a fish.
  • A mailman who delivers mail by parachute.
  • A man riding the wind on a parachute, gets a letter, but a fish eats it.
  • A parachuting mailman delivers mail to the sea, but he runs into a problem when he lands in a desert! Luckily, his “airmail” gets him back to the sea..
Shaking the picture diceAfterward, our young writers came up with other story ideas inspired by the chance roll of the dice.

New writers are always welcome at our group. We meet every second Tuesday of the month at 4 p.m. down in the Children’s Story Room.

This group is recommended for ages 7-11.

Come take a chance on some words with us.