Singled Out! Book Club

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Singled Out! Book Club

An Outlet for Single, Young Professionals... Dont Worry You Can Come Too.

Come Join Us Every 4th Tuesday... There comes a period in your life where your job becomes overwhelming and you’re sick of overcrowded clubs and having mindless conversations with strangers in various restaurants downtown. It's times like those where you wish for consistency the most.

If you finally want to go against the grain of being the typical single guy or gal, ditch the next happy hour and join us at DC Public Library at our very modern, swanky downtown location at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library for our monthly, Singled Out! Book Club. Everyone who considers themselves part of the young, single or professional fabric of D.C. is invited.

Come to read and have tantalizing conversations on some amazing novels. We meet every fourth Tuesday in the Popular Reading Room, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. If you miss the meeting, you still have time to come and check out the book for the following meeting. 

Keep Calm: A lifestyle change has just begun for you. Join the movement and dare to read single.  

For questions about the book club, please email Khendall Beale at Hope to see you there.