Libraries Build Communities

Southeast Library

Libraries Build Communities

Southeast Library BuildingWith technological advancements of the past few decades, many have predicted the end of the public library. But with the explosion of information on the Internet, the public library as a place will continue to play a vital role in its community.

In fact, the role of the public library to its community today is more vital than ever. The public library remains the only place people can access and obtain information free of charge. We strive to go beyond traditional library services and offer programs that not only promote lifelong reading, but also provide services and resources for building communities.

The Southeast Library has followed this path by reaching out to group homes, residential care facilities, and the disabled, providing such services as reading materials to help address illiteracy and poor reading skills among adults. For example:
  • Last fall, we did outreach to the DC Correctional Facility to offer job seeking training
  • We also have a monthly book club that meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Children continue to be the focus of most of our in-house programming, with story times for pre-schoolers and book clubs and crafts for school-age children. Teens can also participate in a monthly gaming night. In addition, library staff are available to outreach to schools, day cares and summer programs throughout the year.

The library has a very committed Friends group, which supports the library by collecting donated books from throughout the community, and re-selling them at their monthly book sale. Proceeds benefit the Southeast Library’s programs and special projects.

If you would like to contact a library staff member to see if we can visit your organization, please give us a call! We’re here to help.