'Defending Jacob' by William Landay

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'Defending Jacob' by William Landay

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w.dclibrary.org/node/34688#overlay=node/34688/revisions/111137/editWas it the cover illustration or the title, Defending Jacob, that drew me to this book?  The description on the inside of the front jacket promised a suspenseful mystery full of guilt, betrayal, a father's fierce loyalty and his love for his son.

I was in the mood to read just this sort of mystery and especially eager to read something by William Landay, an award winning writer and former district attorney.  It is always satisfying to read a book written by someone who has expert knowledge of the material.  In this novel, the author's portrayal of his former profession make the actions of Jacob's father, a district attorney, real and believable.  As more information is revealed the family dynamics begin to change and in the end one parent makes a harrowing life changing decision.

Defending Jacob will leave the reader spooked and relieved not to be in Jacob's parents' shoes.  It is a good and fast read.
-- Hanife Conry