Origami Seed Starters - A Hipstamatic Photo Essay

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Origami Seed Starters - A Hipstamatic Photo Essay

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Newspaper and seed packets1Unfolded newspaper2Folded paper seed paper3
Unfolded origami seed pot4Origami seed pots5Origami seed pots with dirt6
Filled origami seed pots and seeds7Putting seeds in seed pot8Vegetables9

Perhaps a bit late, I used the weekend to get some seedlings started using origami newspaper seedling pots --- crafty and biodegradable! This Saturday, we will have a seed starting workshop at MLK Library Room 220 and explore fun techniques like this with the Neighborhood Farm Initiative.

We will also have on display (and available for check-out) some older and new gardening books from our collection. Stop by!PS. One of the above photos was clearly not taken at the same time as the others. Email me telling which one, and I'll give you a newspaper seedling pot at the seed starting workshop.