Short Stories of Edward P. Jones

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

Short Stories of Edward P. Jones

'Lost in the City'

Book CoverEdward P. Jones, local novelist and short story writer, has given us a full picture of Washington D.C. life conducted away from the monuments in his classic collection of short stories, Lost in the City

While short stories have received much praise as an art form in recent years, in this collection Mr. Jones actually proves why this type of literature is so important. He gives us a social map of different types of persons who live in the city and how they live out their dreams and endure their losses. Mr. Jones gives us sharply defined images of the conditions of life that shape the existence of various characters who live in the urban setting of Washington D.C.

The characters are imaginary according to Edward Jones, but the settings are very real, reported down to the last detail. In this collection, the stories are just long enough to show how each character engages life challenges, develops his or her attitudes toward life and struggles for identity and meaning. For instance, from the vivid pictures of life in these stories we get a child’s view of the first day of school and its lasting effect on her life and in another story we are given a vivid impression of how difficult it is for a young man to achieve something through his efforts in a potentially demeaning job as told in “The Store.”

Through these stories we are presented with the human predicament as it was and is for African American citizens who live in the shadow of the United States Capitol.  

The Short Story Book Club at Watha T. Daniel/Shaw will be reading a series of short stories by Edward P. Jones from this anthology. Each meeting will consider one story. Our first session on April 6 will be on "The Girl who Raised Pigeons."

We meet on the first Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to noon in Conference Room 2.