'Beethoven's Hair' by Russell Martin

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'Beethoven's Hair' by Russell Martin

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Beethoven's Hair bookcoverBeethoven's Hair by Russell Martin is a fascinating true account about a lock of Beethoven's hair snipped off on his deathbed and preserved in a glass and wood frame for almost two hundred years.  The readers find themselves traveling from the present, when a surgeon is opening the frame for the first time in years, back to the day the hair is reverently cut from the dead man's head.

With well-researched detail and words taken from Beethoven's own letters and journals, we learn about who snipped the hair and how it came to be in the possession of Ira Brilliant and Che Guevara, two Beethoven admirers.  Guevara and Brilliant make use of forensic analysis to determine the cause of Beethoven's deafness and other illnesses with surprising results.

If Beethoven is already your favorite classical music composer, you will love reading this book, and if he is not your favorite, he may well be after you have read it.
-- Hanife Conry