'By a Spider's Thread' by Laura Lippman

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'By a Spider's Thread' by Laura Lippman

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By a spider's thread bookcoverBy a Spider's Thread by Laura Lippman is a suspense novel about a private detective, Tess, and her search for a missing woman and her three children. The husband/father, Mark Rubin, enlists Tess's help after the police refuse to help him.  Mark has no idea why his wife would just take the kids and leave and he gives Tess virtually no clues with which to start the search. 

Little by little, she finds out bits of information and the reader is on the verge of his/her seat wondering how, or if, the family will be reunited.

This book is hard to put down because the reader cares about the children's welfare and Laura Lippman knows how to keep up interest with a new revelation in every chapter.
-- Hanife Conry