Beneath the Surface: Lyric Workshop With Candice Iloh

Deanwood Library

Beneath the Surface: Lyric Workshop With Candice Iloh

Monday, July 1, 2013, 5:30 p.m.

CILyric Workshop -- Examining the Truths of Today's Radio Artist

Come explore the backgrounds of your favorite artists and singers at the library. Do they talk about where they are from in their music? What do you admire about them -- is it their sound, their look, or their lifestyle?

Attend this creative workshop and learn how to dissect your own realities and turn them into verse or song with the help of local spoken word poet Candice Danielle Iloh.

Ages 13-19.

Find out about more lyric workshops at DC Public Library locations. 

Candice Danielle is an educator, performance poet and teaching artist who’s been performing and facilitating workshops throughout the D.C. metropolitan area for the past 6 years. She likes to give special attention to independent thought and open conversation among women and young people. A personal advocate of finding self, she hopes to encourage and provide the tools for all to use their own voice and create their own world.