'The Urban Biking Handbook' by Charles Haine

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

'The Urban Biking Handbook' by Charles Haine

Urban BikingHave you ever wanted to scale the concrete heights of your inner city neighborhood; traverse the varied gradations of the mountainous regions of the countryside, maybe even take a scenic tour alongside the historical C&O Canal, all the while atop two wheels of pure independence and freedom firmly set in the handles and pebbles of a Bicycle?  Cycling, moreover regarded as the most efficient mode of human locomotion, is thoroughly outlined from the rear cassette, all the way to the handlebars in an eclectically stylized format, catering to the artistically inclined urban pioneer, whose I can do it myself attitude, prompts them to steep hills and monumental peaks most others only dream of. 

The Urban Biking Handbook, while exhibiting a very conversational style of writing, tears into the how and why of biking, while simultaneously shifting its literary gears showcasing individually customized bikes, and all of the gadgets, bell and whistles and personalized items that bikers use to signify their own personal space in the biking culture.  The author, at first sight, attempts to lift the veil off the mysticism of the biking world to new comers, in a way that is much more palatable to most mainstream professional city dwellers, while still maintaining the necessary edge often associated with the wide-ranging ideas of the out of the box thinker.

The author, in line with most genuine cycle enthusiasts, also expresses a socially deliberate approach in various passages, showing the significance of community-based biking organizations, and their implementation, calling other bikers to their own personal calling, spreading the word of establishing a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious culture, while in the process reducing individual carbon footprints. 

The Urban Biking Handbook covers the gamut of urban cycling culture, speeding all the way down the trail of adventure while outlining the specific technical specifications of modern day mountain bike drive trains, bearings and biking road etiquette, everything you’ve always wanted to know about biking from A to Z. The Urban Bike Handbook’s language tugs at the maverick, and the professional, detailing how both, unbeknownst to the individual, often times overlap in the biking world, while at the same time exhibiting entertainment, and exciting exploration of the biking culture, making any reader hard-pressed to not want to get out and ride!

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