Jazz Appreciation Month Book Review

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Jazz Appreciation Month Book Review

'The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire'

The Jazz StandardsTed Gioia’s The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire provides an excellent introduction to some of the most enduring jazz numbers of all time, and it is suitable for both the casual jazz fan and the experienced aficionado alike.

The Jazz Standards showcases each piece with a short history and some brief biographical information on the composer.  The author has clearly done his research, but as a credit to his writing, the book does not read like a textbook; rather, it manages to both inform and entertain through the use of interesting anecdotes and stories about each piece.  The author also includes a list of recommended versions for each piece, showcasing the most popular, influential, and interesting recorded renditions of each standard.

If you are looking to boost your jazz knowledge during Jazz Appreciation Month, or simply looking for a little more information on one of your all-time favorite songs, check out The Jazz Standards, as well as Ted Gioia’s other works on Jazz at the DC Public Library.