How to Deal

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How to Deal

Resources for Stressed Out Teens

Behind Happy Faces book coverThere is a lot going on in the world . . . tragic bombings, terrorist mail, deadly explosions and threats of war. There are also the every day conflicts and stresses of school, work, and home. Things can overwhelm you and you may feel heightened feelings of anxiety and sadness.

So what do you do? How do you deal with it all? In Teen Space, we have a good collection of nonfiction resources for teens, educators and families who are in need of helpful information about relieving stress and healing from grief. We can also connect you with online resources - check our the library's Real World Issues page

Here are a few nonfiction books.
The Courage to Be Yourself book coverAs you read and discover more about the best ways to handle stress, keep in mind that there is no perfect solution. Talk with caring adults, friends, and mental health professionals. Always seek help and know that you don't have to suffer alone.