Traveling by Train

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Traveling by Train

All Aboard!

Discover the beauty of steam, diesel and electric trains. On Saturday, May 11, communities across America will be celebrating National Train Day. 

Did you know:
1. Some bullet trains float magnetically above the rails.
2. People who love trains are called railfans. They take vacations to go trainspotting.
3. Many train stations are called Union Station. These are stations used by different train lines.
4. National Train Day is May 11.
5. A puppy was found on a mail car in 1888. The mailmen named him Owney. He rode the mail trains and became their lucky charm.
(Trains by Amy Shields)

Get on the fast track and read about trains.

Big Book of TrainsFreight Trains 
by Donald Crews
 C is for Caboose: Riding The Rails From A to Z 
Shark vs. Train 
by Chris Burton
Railroad Hank 
by Lisa Moser
I'm Fast 
by Kate Mullan
by Amy Shields
In the Land of Milk and Honey 
by Joyce Carol Thomas
I Dream of Trains
by Angela Johnson
 Riding on Duke's Train 
by Mick Carlon

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