Get Creative and Write!

Takoma Park Library

Get Creative and Write!

Be Inspired by National Poetry Month

Reading & Writing PoetryApril is National Poetry Month, and therefore a great opportunity to put pen to paper and let your creativity flow! Join the NaPoWriMo movement and write a poem each day--it's not too late to get started. Try searching the Web for writing prompts and inspiration, or let the library support you. 

Learn how to write poems based on personal experiences, or get a better understanding of the different styles and structures a poem can have. You never know, you might find poetry to be an excellent way to reflect, grow, relax, and meditate. Maybe you'll find that it's a fun and creative process! 

Come get inspired by some of the library's newest poetry collections, like Alice Walker's The Cushion in the Road or Pitch Dark Anarchy by Randall Horton. Celebrate National Poetry Month by getting creative. There's no wrong way to write a poem!