Children's Staff in the Spotlight

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Children's Staff in the Spotlight

Julia Hurwitz, Tour de Force

Ms. Julia for DrupalWho knew the Children's Division was hiding a record-breaking, feat-performing whirlwind?  She moves so fast, no wonder you didn't see her.  

Though it's hard to keep up with everything Ms. Julia does in a day, I made sure to interview her before the people at Guinness World Records catch on.

So, Ms. Julia, is it true that you can triple- and even quadruple-task?
Indeed, though these powers of mine increase whenever I step foot in the library. 

Interesting.  I heard that you once re-organized an entire information desk while helping customers AND creating displays. 
Well, I don't like to brag, but ..

... AND studied for your library science finals.
I didn't get much sleep...

... AND rescued baby orphans from a burning building eight blocks away.
Those babies now have all their own board books, and sometimes come in to play with our blocks. 

That's great. What's something special about the library that not enough people know about?
Other than the wonderful and talented staff who work here? All the exciting events!

Tell me about your hopes and dreams for summer in the Children's Division this year.
I hope that everyone who reads this will sign up for Summer Reading and become a Super Spelunker.    

As Ms. Julia suggests, make sure to stop by the library to sign up for Summer Reading.  Fun for all ages!