Ishmael An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit...

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Ishmael An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit...

Ishmael… An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, adds itself to a contemporary frontier of green politics, environmentalism and mythology, relating specifically to the overall importance of sustainability and critical thinking, combining both of their unique methodologies, showing their distinctive relationship to the emergence and illumination of revolutionary ideas. Quinn, without hesitation, holds fast to the fabric of these social movements in saying to the reader, save the planet or else! From the noticeably clairvoyant mind of Ishmael, a mammoth sized archetypical telepathic Gorilla, to the eyes of a well-meaning, and eager human student, Daniel Quinn asks the reader a simple question “why," emboldening us then again, with his characters ingenuity and methods of hypothesis elimination, to believe in his words, the story of “how things have come to be." 

Daniel Quinn’s
 Ishmael attacks this monumental life task with a kind of zeal like few other modern novels can attest to, combining an ideologically filled ecosystem of diversified ideas and myths, with the simplicity and reasoning of basic logic, explaining to the reader in his specific terms the origins of “how things have come to be.”

Quinn, through the eyes of the enigmatic gorilla Ishmael, systematically goes about the task of deconstructing what he calls “myth,” in relation to Takers creationist theory, and “Takers culture,” and goes about the routine task of reconstructing or reinterpreting and validating a new story of the “Leavers culture,” which, according to him, was already there, just quietly tucked away in the deepest recesses of the unenlightened minds of the common people.

Quinn steadily and consistently scrutinizes and eliminates flawed arguments and premises pertaining to what he calls westernized culture's mythological “stories," and shouts out loud to the reader, in a universal and informed voice, screaming to the top of his lungs "Stop!" He invites us all, according him, to see the error in our ways, and how these errors have, and will continue to destroy our planet if gone unchecked.

Map page171 of book  Ishmael questions the validity of human dominion myth and its origin, while outlining the commonalities of Taker myth makers and their visionless aficionados, and tries to convince the later that they have been duped, and lulled to sleep by the distant hum of the false rhetoric of the former, and that with the induction of new logic, they can somehow understand the reasons behind their own thinking. 

Like a skilled surgeon, Quinn’s Ishmael does just that, opening up age-old wounds of painful truths and daring the listeners to defy his logic.  Can the planet be saved? Can we be saved from ourselves? Can we restore and reinvigorate our own reasoning? According to Quinn, only time will tell…