Miss Christina's April Reading Pick

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Miss Christina's April Reading Pick

'Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie'

Julie Sternberg’s Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie takes place in the summer before 8-year-old Eleanor’s third-grade year.Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie Book cover  Eleanor is dealing with the loss of her cherished babysitter, Bibi, who moved away to take care of her ill father.  Eleanor’s parents try to console her but they cannot.  The story follows Eleanor as she builds a relationship with her new babysitter, Natalie.  Natalie encourages her to write to Bibi and while she waits to hear back, Eleanor and Natalie stay busy with plenty of fun activities with friends.

Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie is an endearing story of how a child deals with change and becomes resilient.  It is a story of coping with life’s transitions and of holding people with importance in our hearts while making room for the new ones that may come along.  Illustrator Matthew Cordell’s simple and playful drawings are a great accompaniment to the story. The book reads similar to a journal which may inspire your child to follow suit to keep one! The book is written in verse that children will find fun and easy to read for even those reluctant or struggling readers. 

Best for ages 8 to 10.