Guess Who's Going To Prom?

Petworth Library

Guess Who's Going To Prom?

scrapbook page of prom pictures from petworth library staff membersProm is fast approaching and the list of things that need to be done keeps growing and growing. From finding a date to picking out the perfect dress or tuxedo, prom can be a very stressful time. However, it does not have to be. So take a break from planning and check out one of the prom-themed books on display in the Teen Area. On display, you can find books such as:

24 Girls in 7 Days by Alex Bradley
Jack Grammar, average American senior, has no date to the prom. Or so he thinks. Percy and Natalie, Jack's so-called best friends, post an ad in the classified section of the online version of the school newspaper. They figure it couldn't hurt. After all, there's not much in this world sadder than Jack's love life. Soon Percy and Natalie have assembled a list of girls eager to go to the prom with Jack, including one mysterious girl known only as FancyPants. He has just seven days to meet and date them before he will ask one special girl to the prom.

scrapbook page of prom pictures from petworth library staff membersFake Boyfriend by Kate Brian
When Lane and Vivi's best friend Isabelle has her heart broken by her unreliable boyfriend, they decide to save her by inventing a new boy on the Internet to ask Isabelle to the prom. But the scheme quickly becomes complicated, and the results surprise them all.

Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby
While trying to cast a love spell on her date on the eve of the senior prom, Mia inadvertently infects her entire high school class with a virus that will turn them all into zombies.

These are just a few of the books you will find on display.  While you are at the library checking out one of our great prom-themed books, try to see if you can figure out which staff members have their prom pictures on display.