Deepak Chopra The Soul of Leadership...

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Deepak Chopra The Soul of Leadership...

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Book Title The Soul of LeadershipDeepak’s The Soul of Leadership freshly paints on a clear canvas of core enlightenment, explaining in a hierarchal “needs”-based constructed formula, the infinite possibilities and empowerment of the mind.

In accordance with self-actualization theory, and other prominent psychological theories such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Deepak synergistically intertwines the psychological with the metaphysical, creating a galactic variety of leadership values that say to their advocates, “I can, and will, overcome any and all obstacles!" Deepak positions his “theoretical pieces," scientifically strategizing his moves on the chess board of transcendentalism and anticipating the needs of others, with the ingenuity, flow and sophistication of a renowned Grand Master. He says "check," "check," "check," at every move of the pupil, until finally closing his game with an astounding "checkmate!," winning the all-too-elusive prize of the Soul of Leadership.

From the leadership introspection of Buddha to Winston Churchill, from Gandhi to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Deepak’s illustrious depiction of synchronicity and emotional intelligence -- and its dramatic effect on one’s ability to lead from the soul -- show that while no individual is an island in and unto themselves, their own unique ability to go to their island of supernatural thought, so to speak, can be powerful. The ability to excavate your own unfulfilled needs, and thoroughly explore the emotion behind them, is tantamount to any great discovery of truth and leadership expansion.

Deepak invites the reader to slay the dragon of mental group think, and achieve what is rightfully theirs: The ability to influence others and cultivate personal strengths, while also distancing from inadequacies and learning from both in a more holistic style. In so doing, The Soul of Leadership asks the reader to cast away fear of the unknown and accept the duality of the union of opposites, the circle of life, both light and dark that all too often is missing in talk about the art and psychology of decisive and effective leadership.flammarion wood cut

Deepak provides revealing illustrations of such prominent CEOs as Jeremy Moon, leader and founder of Icebreaker, while providing continued acknowledgment and gratitude of individuals such as Gallup CEO Jim Clifton, and the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University for their perspectives and offerings on the significance of motivation and continuing of leadership evolution.

The Soul of Leadership says, in effect, we are only as deep as our vision, and that without it, we will fail to capture the gem that is life. From the most lucrative corners of Wall Street, to the everyday life of the fledgling entrepreneur, all the way back to the family unit The Soul of Leadership commands our will with its congruent system of thought, and universal Pythagorean language of soul-searching. Like arithmetic, the Soul of Leadership's ideas attempt to add up, explaining that the solutions to the problems of leadership development, though arduous at times, if one looks into the soul, are often as simple as one, two, and three. The art of doing may very well be in Non-Doing (Wu-Wei).