The Adventures of Magdalena Yoder

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The Adventures of Magdalena Yoder

Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery

Book Cover for Grape ExpectationsWith warmer weather coming, I'd like to recommend Grape Expectations by Tamar Myers.

An innkeeper/sleuth named Magdalena Yoder solves crimes in the little town of Hernia, Pa. In this adventure, she comes across a plot hatched by newcomers to start a winery (they claim that they're just growing fruit).  This doesn't go over well with many of the citizens of Hernia who are mostly Amish or Mennonites and do not approve of drinking alcohol.

In addition to solving crimes, Magdalena attracts handsome men despite being tall and skinny, and having a prominent nose and big feet. She often confirms her identity by saying she's "twice as big and as twice as ugly." This is her way of acknowledging that people talk about her behind her back and say she's nosy and bossy.

But she has a good nose for sniffing out crimes.