Quick-Fix Vegan

Quick-Fix VeganVegan, hungry, and in a hurry?  Robin Robertson's Quick-Fix Vegan can help!

Published in late 2011 but only recently added to the DCPL collection, this cookbook delivers on its subtitle's promise of "healthy, homestyle meals in 30 minutes or less." Almost all of the recipes call for fresh fruits or vegetables, and many of them include fresh spices as well. In addition, users can mix it up in terms of protein sources; recipes based on legumes, seitan, and tofu are all included, meaning that there are options for users who, for instance, are looking to minimize the amount of soy protein in their diets. Also, for those with basic sugar concerns, most of the savory recipes do not include sugar, and there are even a few desserts that omit it too.

While "homestyle" likely conjures up different ideas for everyone, Quick-Fix Vegan succeeds in meeting that subjectivity by being heavy on variety--for instance, the two recipes I tried: Skillet Lasagne and Green Chile-Tofu Migas. While the former is a time-saving spin on what I think of as comfort food, the latter introduced me to a Tex-Mex dish. A few other recipes that indicate the diversity here are the Jerk Seitan and Vegetable Skillet, the Moroccan-Spiced Pumpkin Soup, and the Chesapeake Chickpea Sandwiches.

As for timing, these dishes do come together quickly, and those who are fast choppers or have a friend helping out will have no problem getting a meal done within half an hour. One thing users should know is that the key to many of the recipes' quickness is a food processor, though there are recipes that don't require one.

...But is the food any good? Yes!

The Skillet Lasagne -- of which I was a little skeptical even as I constructed it -- turned out delicious and immediately earned a spot on my regular recipes roster. The Green-Chile Tofu Migas were also very good -- if a little more basic flavor-wise before I added the optional toppings that Richardson suggests.                 

Overall, Quick-Fix Vegan is full of time-saving recipes that are so good, you'll want to reach for the book even when you aren't in a rush. And, if you do have that extra time, be sure to explore the rest of DC Public Library's vegan cookbook offerings, nearly all of which can all be found under the subject headings Vegan cooking and Vegan cookery.

--Posted by Julia Strusienski