'A History of the Wife'

Chevy Chase Library

'A History of the Wife'

History Book Club selection for June 11 meeting

"How did marriage, considered a religious duty in medieval Europe, become a venue for personal fulfillment in contemporary America? How did the notion of romantic love, a novelty in the Middle Ages, become a prerequisite for marriage today? And, if the original purpose of marriage was procreation, what exactly is the purpose of marriage for women now?

Combining 'a scholar's rigor and a storyteller's craft' (San Jose Mercury News), historian Marilyn Yalom charts the evolution of marriage in the Judeo Christian world through the centuries and shows how radically our ideas about marriage have changed."

-- Amazon.com book description 

Come discuss A History of the Wife by Marilyn Yalom at the Chevy Chase Branch Library on June 11 at 1 p.m. in the Meeting Room.