Cleveland Park History Files: 60th Anniversary

Cleveland Park Library

Cleveland Park History Files: 60th Anniversary

President Grover Cleveland, homeowner

IBook Covern November 1885, Grover Cleveland was elected 22nd President. The following year, the President decided to buy a summer home.  To avoid public attention, he asked his friend Albert A. Wilson to be a middleman for the purchase.  On May 27, 1886, President Cleveland, through Mr. Wilson, bought a house named "Forrest Hill" from George F. Green, a local resident. The house was located in the square between Macomb and Newark, 35th and 36th streets. The sale didn't remain private.  When the title was transferred to the President, it became public.

President Cleveland renamed the house "Oak View" and had it completely remodeled.  Because of the red paint on the exterior, the house was popularly known as "Red Top" by local residents. A photo of the President's summer home can be found in Cleveland Park by Paul Williams.

It is from President Grover Cleveland that the neighborhood received its name.