'No Choir Boy'

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'No Choir Boy'

Meeting Teenagers on Death Row

Cover Art for "No Choir Boy"What is the worst thing that you've ever done?

This is a question that Susan Kulkin poses to her audience again and again, as she spends time with several men who were placed on death row before they were even old enough to vote.  While the death penalty can be a source of heated debate, Kulkin invites us to reexamine the human element.  Through the course of the pages, you meet several young men from various backgrounds who pay daily for their worst moments. Some are repentant for their crimes while others seem to be the unfortunate by-product of prejudice and poverty, unable to hire lawyers to defend themselves. Regardless of how they ended up in prison, their stories will leave you riveted.

No Choir Boy is a stunning compilation of what it means to be sentenced to die at the peak of your youth.  An excellent book for teens and adults alike, this book is perfect for starting a discussion of legal consequences and examining both sides of the death penalty argument.

-- Brooke Hadder