Teens Book Review Contest

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

Teens Book Review Contest

Tell us about your favorite books

secret saturdayThis is your chance to tell us about your favorite book or books that you have read. Many of you have told me about the books you have read, but now here is a chance for you to put in to action those really good writing skills, show off your writing skills.

Write a paragraph about your favorite book, or more if you like -- just keep in mind that it should be a paragraph or only one page full. Remember to choose a book that you like and convince others to read the same book. If you like, we can have a mini book discussion about the books before you enter them into the contest.

Many of you have asked if you can read graphic novels. The answer is yes. Just remember:

Log in your books online at dclibrary.org/summerreading. You also have the opportunity to answer questions and rate your favorite books.

For more information about how to enter the Summer Reading Program and mini book discussion, come join us on Thursday, May 23 at 6 p.m.