Beautiful U Yes U Workshop Series

Francis A. Gregory Library

Beautiful U Yes U Workshop Series

Last date: Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013, 12 p.m. (see all dates)

Young ladies ages 11 to 17 are invited to a self esteem and literacy camp taking place Saturday afternoons at Francis Gregory Library. The program will focus on positive body image, self-awareness, healthy relationships, self worth, and self esteem; while incorporating reading and writing. Each week we will provide a different topic that affects the lives and health of young ladies in the ward 7 and 8 communities, such as bullying, Self Love, “How to say NO,” suicide prevention and more!

BUYU will teach and use belly dance as a healing force to empower the girls to love and accept their body just the way they are. Each participant will receive a Beautiful U Yes U shirt, belly dance coin scarf, and a belly dance hip scarf. Lunch is also provided.

All young ladies ages 11-17 who are customers of the library will be allowed to participate, but participants will be required to register, have signed permission slips by
parents/guardians, a signed photography waiver and a signed activity waiver.