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Finally, someone mashed up a graphic novel and a cookbook!

RelishI'm a sucker for a good graphic memoir - cartoonists using the narrative tools of comics to explore their personal experiences. I've read books in this genre about topics ranging from the Iranian Revolution to a gay person coming out of the closet to the history of Students for a Democratic Society, but I was surprised to discover Lucy Knisley's new book Relish, which combines stories from her childhood with recipes.

Each section of the book explores a moment in her younger life when she learned to appreciate some new kind of food and then shares a recipe, drawn across the page, of the food from that story. It's a charming and sweet way of sharing her life-long love of food.

If you are also intrigued by the graphic memoir genre, check out the new graphic memoir discussion group on May 30. We'll be reading Marbles by Ellen Fornay.