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The People's Archive collects local newspapers. For a list of our holdings, see our Washingtoniana Periodicals Collection. Select Georgetown specific newspapers are available in the Peabody Room

Digital Resources

Microfilm Holdings

See below for a list of historic D.C. newspapers available on microfilm at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library and the Peabody Room. All microfilm materials may be scanned to a flash drive or printed. 

Title Dates Collection Location
Afro-American, The (Baltimore, Capitol, DC Editions) 1893-1998 Washingtoniana
American Centennial Newspaper Project July 1876 Washingtoniana
Brookland-Woodbridge Guide 1932-1949 Washingtoniana
Colored American 1899-1904 Washingtoniana
Congressional Globe 1833-1873 Washingtoniana
Constitution, The 1859-1861 Washingtoniana
Courier 1912 Washingtoniana
Critic, The 1868-1891 Washingtoniana
Daily Constitutional Union 1863-1867 Washingtoniana
Daily Federal Republic 1814-1816 Washingtoniana
Daily Morning Chronicle 1862-1877, 1880 Washingtoniana
Daily National Intelligencer 1800-1869 Washingtoniana
Daily National Journal 1824-1831 Washingtoniana
Daily Patriot, The 1870-1872 Washingtoniana
Daily Union 1845-1859 Washingtoniana
Federal Republican and Commercial Gazette 1812-1814 Peabody Room
Georgetown and Country 1994-1998 Peabody Room
Georgetown Advertiser 1938-1939 Peabody Room
Georgetown Courier 1865-1866; 1991-1992 Peabody Room
Georgetown Current 1991-2005 Peabody Room
Georgetown News 1932-1942 Peabody Room
Georgetown Spectator 1962 - 1972 Peabody Room
Georgetowner 1954-2005 Peabody Room
Globe, The 1830-1843 Washingtoniana
Grit, The 1883-1884 Washingtoniana
Independent American 1809-1810 Washingtoniana
Madisonian 1837-1845, 1848 Washingtoniana
Metro Wash. Board of Trade 1946-1984 Washingtoniana
Metropolitan 1820, 1826 Washingtoniana
National Era 1847-1860 Washingtoniana
National Leader 1888-1889 Washingtoniana
National Messenger 1817-1818 Peabody Room
National Republican 1860-1890 Washingtoniana
New National Era 1870-1874 Washingtoniana
Niles' National [Weekly] Register 1927-1940 Washingtoniana
Olio 1802-1803 Washingtoniana
Peoples Advocate 1876-1886 Washingtoniana
Petworth Citizen 1916-1951 Washingtoniana
Potomac – Georgetown Courier 1936-1937 Peabody Room
Rhode Island Avenue Press 1929-1935 Washingtoniana
Seer, The 1853-1854 Washingtoniana
Senator 1814 Washingtoniana
Stars & Stripes 1934-1935 Washingtoniana
Suburban Citizen 1900-1902 Washingtoniana
United States Telegraph 1826-1837 Washingtoniana
Washington Bee 1882-1922 Washingtoniana
Washington Blade 1996-2017 Washingtoniana
Washington Business Journal 1982-1998 Washingtoniana
Washington Chronicle 1875-1879 Washingtoniana
Washington City Paper 1986-2017 Washingtoniana
Washington Daily News 1921-1972 Washingtoniana
Washington Federalist 1801-1809 Washingtoniana
Washington Gazette 1796-1798; 1817-1826 Washingtoniana
Washington Herald 1906-1939 Washingtoniana
Washington Informer 1969-2016 Washingtoniana
Washington New Observer 1992-1993 Washingtoniana
Washington Sentinel 1873-1901 Washingtoniana
Washington Sun 1914-1915 Washingtoniana
Washington Times (Old) Evening Edition 1895-1939 Washingtoniana
Washington Times (Old) Morning Edition 1894-1902 Washingtoniana
Washington Times Herald 1939-1954 Washingtoniana
Washington Tribune 1921-35, 1978-1974 Washingtoniana
Washingtonian Magazine 1965-1996 Washingtoniana