'Nice Companies Finish First'

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'Nice Companies Finish First'

Book Review

NiceCompaniesFinishFirstWhat makes a successful, transformative organization? What kind of leadership guides an organization making it stand out amongst its rivals/peers?  What qualities in management inspire employees to do the best that they can do and make their organization shine?

Peter Shankman, founder of Help a Reporter Out (HARO), the largest free source repository for journalists in the world, as well as CEO of The Geek Factory Inc., explores these questions and many more in his latest book Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management is Over – and Collaboration Is In.

Co-written with Karen Kelly, the authors draw upon successful companies such as Zappos, Trader Joe’s, R.E.I. and others, giving numerous examples of what happens when management is accessible to both customers and employees and listens – really, really listens. According to Shankman (and Kelly) it results in both loyalty and higher productivity (and profitability!).  

Shankman (and Kelly) break the book down into nine managerial traits that they view as integral to success:  Enlightened Self-Interest, Accessibility, Strategic Listening, Good Stewardship, Loyalty, “Glass-Half-Full POV,” Customer Service-Centric, “Merit-Based Competitor," and "Gives a Damn.”

Shankman’s book is a quick, easy read and is full of entertaining anecdotes based on extensive interviews. Cutthroat is out, collaboration is in.

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-- Posted by S. McDermott