Who Got Caught Reading?

Petworth Library

Who Got Caught Reading?

PatronsGCRPetworth Neighborhood Library encourages others to be shameless about their love of books! It's never too early to begin reading with your baby, nor is it too late to encourage good reading habits in your older child. Strong readers are typically better communicators, as well as critical and creative thinkers. The DC Public Library always seek opportunities to promote learning, literacy, reading and a general enjoyment of books through engaging events, programs and clubs in various neighborhood libraries throughout the city.

As part of this goal, Petworth Library's Children's staff urged patrons to flaunt their love of literature with our "Get Caught Reading" Campaign! Our sneaky Petworth paparazzi photographed children of all ages as they enjoyed books of their choice. Parents were also invited to share their own candid shot of their child reading a favorite book for use on our fun Get Caught Reading Campaign poster (pictured left; click the picture for a larger view).

Who Got Caught Reading? (Pictured left in poster clockwise: Brenda & Deija; Royal; Auggie; Noble; Annaya; Ben, Amelia & Nic; Evelyn & Lucinda; Adrian & mom. Pictured below right:Kimora & Elijah; Briana & Simone) Thank you to all the photogenic families who participated...keep reading!

By the way, everyone should stop by Petworth Neighborhood Library to check out our excellent books. There are so many new titles to choose from -- whether in print, audiobook, play-away or e-reader formats! While you are at the library, take a moment to register for our our summer reading challenge (which includes free prizes!) and learn about other engaging programs for children, teens and adults.

We look forward to your participation and remember, there is no shame when you are absorbed in a great book!