Capital Pride

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Capital Pride

LGBT Community

It is a testimony to the District of Columbia that Capital Pride operates at the level that it operates. For a very long time, and even today in many locations (both in the United States and around the world), hatred and fear surrounding people who don't display perfectly hetero-normative behavior has been largely institutionalized, condoned, or at least empathized with. A true co-existence with someone different than us is never easy, but in D.C., there is a level of acceptance and institutionalized (in the form of governmental protections and rights) permission to be who you are at every level of your humanity.

And Tango Makes Three Book CoverIt is not just adults who benefit from the promotion of support for the LGBT community in D.C. Children are shown a level of acceptance that can provide a structural foundation for their outlook on the world as they grow into young adults, and later, as the propagators and determiners of our society's existence. Without a show of pride, more children and young adults could end up confused about their identity and place in the world.

In the future, maybe every city will be able to be happy and proud about how well it promotes the equality, health and actualization of its citizenry. Capital Pride is not just a week-long event that takes place every year, but is a year-round demonstration of every person's right to freedom and self-expression.

LGBT Equality SignNot only that, but the DC Public Library is an active participant within the District's endeavors to demonstrate legitimacy that touches the lives of the LGBT population in the district. Follow the links on the main library page (or click the red and pink equal sign on your right) to find something to fit whatever it is you are looking for throughout LGBT Pride Month.

Come see the DCPL at the Pride Festival (June 9) or Pride Parade (June 8). Also, please check out the many books by author's who use their words to promote self and societal acceptance at your local library!