Miss Christina’s June Reading Pick

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Miss Christina’s June Reading Pick

‘The Secret Tree’

The SecreThe Secret Tree book covert Tree by Natalie Standiford is a great summer read.  Minty is a 10-year-old trying to pass her summer days by biking, roller skating and exploring around the neighborhood with her best friend Paz. Paz and Minty have always bonded over their relationships with their pesky older sisters and their love of roller derby. But middle school is approaching, and things are starting to change between them.

While Minty is investigating a strange flash of light in the woods behind her house, she discovers something inside a hole in the tree—a secret.  Through continuing to explore in the woods, Minty finds a new friend Raymond. Will Minty’s new friendship replace the one she had with Paz? Will Paz leave Minty behind for a new group of friends? Will the secrets Minty keeps finding in the tree hole lead her to trouble? 

Elements of magic and mystery will immediately pull you into this story.  The slow unraveling of the secrets make for a fascinating read that will keep the plot twisting and turning until the end! 

Best for children ages 9 to 12.