Tayvon Turner Helps Usher in Summer Reading

Northwest One Library

Tayvon Turner Helps Usher in Summer Reading

Library Poem

Tayvon TurnerTayvon Turner, one of our most loyal customers, wrote a poem to help the Northwest One Library usher in summer reading.

Mr. Turner moved from South Carolina to D.C. to find work. He now lives in the Northwest One community. Some of his hobbies include playing mmorpgs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) at the library, listening to music, reading and writing poetry.

He received his GED in 2012 and hopes to major in photography. Below is the wonderful poem he wrote for Northwest One.

Library Poem
by  Tayvon Turner
High rise buildings
and beautiful trees
blooming flowers
pollinated by bees
children laughing
adults hanging around
this is the Library
where books are to be found
from children’s books to novels
people come to read
from comic to manga
there are books of every genre
North West One Library
open a book
escape onto a page
while you’re at the Library
make sure to enjoy your day