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Search Inside Yourself...

The Unexpected Path To Achieving Success, Happiness (And World Peace)

 "You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it."
-- Albert Einstein

Search Inside Yourself Book Cover Chade-Meng Tan Google’s own  “Golly good Fellow” lays out in Search Inside Yourself the infinite sway of perception, and how the slowing down of the mind’s eye can lead the individual to a greater awareness of themselves, allowing for protracted development in all expanses of their life and business.

Comic strip from book
Tan, in the unanticipated tone of a computer engineer, outlines, in great detail, the benefits and secrets to the development of what he calls attention and emotional intelligence, and how that particular type of astuteness, can cultivate sustainable and influential relationships in ways that would otherwise be unfeasible if approached with more conventional methodologies.

Though renowned as a highly acclaimed and prodigiously creative engineer for Google, Tan endeavors to reach out of his shell of conceptualization and tool design, if only for a moment, to expound upon a new "Zen like" engineering process, an assessment of interpersonal introspection, and how its development, or lack thereof, produces certain products of the psyche. Tan’s Search Inside Yourself strives to mobilize its readers on a path of open-mindedness, pointing out the significance of science, in great detail, as our best indicator of the validity of psychological philosophes.

Search Inside Yourself has the juice, so to speak, that separates the minutiae and seemingly trivial self-talk of motivation books, from the more SIY diagramsystemic and science-based motivational works of the more prolific and respected authors of the self-help industry. Tan gives good sound emotional advice, as well as quality goal implementation with a computers engineer’s humor. At every page there is a unique skit image portraying the Zen like philosophies of Tan, uniquely cast in a way that invites the reader to turn yet another page to find out what’s next.
One of the most intriguing aspects of the book is that it is actually a course tutorial and framework of a tangible class sponsored by the Google administration to uplift and motivate its employees. The book and course Search Inside Yourself, orchestrated by Tan, in conjunction with Google, in a sense shatters the glass of the corporate ceiling, and breaks free of tradition, unleashing a litany of ideas and program development rarely seen in the more conservative halls of the corporate giants.

Tan’s Search Inside Yourself has succeeded where many others have failed, in his collaborations and his unique ingenuity of living fearlessly in a culture of fear and political correctness.  Chen’s approach is risky, but with skill and tact he manages to continue to pull it off, saying to the reader time and time again, yes we can! 
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