Summer Movies

Image of the film Remember the TitansWith the return of summer, comes the return of outdoor film festivals. Take advantage of the opportunity to sit outside with the family and enjoy the films of your childhood, whenever that was!

Take the kids to see The Breakfast Club for the first time or perhaps The Princess Bride. Maybe it’s time to experience a classic film like The Philadelphia Story in a new and fun setting. Or go out and see a more current film such as Skyfall or Oz the Great and Powerful. For a full list of outdoor movies in D.C., check out the schedule at DC Outdoor Films

When the weather gets too hot, step into the library to cool down and enjoy a free film. Every Tuesday night at 6 p.m., the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library will be showing a film as part of our popular film series; as well as other films throughout the week. Remember to keep an eye on the library calendar for a list of all the happenings at the DC Public Library. 

And if you are interested in the back-story of any of the films you see and love, stop into the library to learn more about them with books like Casablanca: Behind the Scenes or a biography of your favorite star like Tom Hanks.  No matter what your interest, DC Public Library has you covered!
-- B. Coburn