Web II Intermediate

Review the basic and advanced Google search tools, techniques and features, e.g. Google Images, Google Maps & StreetView, Google Alerts, etc.  Learn to use Boolean search terms and various punctuations and characters to refine your search results. Explore two social and professional networking sites: Meetup.com and LinkedIn.com.

Instructor: N. Shiner
Computer Lab, Room 311

Required Skills: The ability to read and comprehend English well, and the skills acquired in PC Basics and Word I Basics.

You will learn to:
  • Identify and navigate the advanced elements and features of the Goggle search engine.
  • Conduct searches using Boolean search terms.
  • Modify your search strategy with various punctuations.
  • Explore Meetup.com and LinkedIn.com for their advantages as social and professional networking sites.
  • Copy and paste Web text and graphics to a Word document.
Bring your own flash drive to save class documents or send them to your email account.