YA Pride Reads

Cleveland Park Library

YA Pride Reads

GLBTQJust because this year’s Pride parade has come and gone, that doesn’t mean that you have no more resources to GLBTQ materials. Here are some examples of resources you can find at the library, as well as some fiction reads featuring GLBTQ characters.

Non Fiction Pride Read:Fiction Pride Reads:
  • Tessa Masterson Will Go to PromThe Miseducation of Cameron Post, by Emily Danforth. Set back in 1989, Cameron Post is a typical young girl living in Eastern Montana. She loves to swim, likes watching TV, and is into Irene, her best friend. Everything comes crashing down on her when her parents die suddenly in a car accident. This novel is warm, funny, and hard to put down.
  • Tessa Masterson Will Go to Prom by Emily Franklin. Told from the point of view of Tessa and her best friend Luke, this novel focuses on how Tessa’s decision to bring a girl to prom affects her small town.  
  • Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan. This is the story of Paul, a sophomore at a high school like no other: The cheerleaders ride Harleys, the homecoming queen used to be a guy named Daryl (she now prefers Infinite Darlene and is also the star quarterback), and the gay-straight alliance was formed to help the straight kids learn how to dance.
All of these books are available for check out at Cleveland Park.

Want more resources? Check out the Human Rights Campaign or the GLSEN's (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) student page.

And don’t forget that reading any one of these books could count towards your summer reading goal here at the library! If you haven’t signed up, you can do so here. Happy reading!

-- Cynthia Vrabel, Library Associate