Paul Bunyan Day is June 28

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Paul Bunyan Day is June 28

Big stories for a really big guy!

Paul Bunyan Day is June 28thPaul Bunyan Day is June 28.  Who’s Paul Bunyan, you ask?  Well, he’s the biggest, tallest lumberjack ever to walk on American soil.  He’s so big, he dug the Great Lakes so that his pet ox, Babe, would have a place to drink. He’s so big, his kitchen is ten miles square. When Paul Bunyan was a baby, he was already so big that it took five gigantic storks to deliver him to his parents.

I’m from the Midwest, where competitive log rolling is a sport in some schools and Paul Bunyan is everyone’s local folk hero -- the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota AND North Dakota all claim him. But I guess that’s no tall order for a man who is supposedly so … tall!   

Join in the great American tradition of tall tales this June 28 with a few good books, and maybe even create a fantastical bragging story of your own!  Gather inspiration from the folktales and stories below:
What's your favorite tall tale?  Come find it at the library!