DC By the Book Author Visit

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

DC By the Book Author Visit

Attendees Clamor for 'Nowhere to Run'

Nowhere to Run by Claire GriffinTeens at MLK and Northwest One libraries gave author Claire Griffin, author of Nowhere to Run, a warm welcome.

At MLK, they were eager to hear about track star Calvin, who faced a Nowhere to Run situation in the Petworth neighborhood.

Promising Futures teens read the book before the talk. At the program, members of the group presented their original works of poetry, letters written in the voices of various characters, and dramatic monologues. One teen composed and sang a song about Calvin at the program.

Both audience and author were emotionally affected by the teens' creativity. Tony Ross, one of the librarians behind the DC By the Book project, mapped the plot settings on the project's website while teens paid close attention to the display of a dramatic geography. At the program's end, audience members requested copies of Nowhere to Run and stayed to speak with Ms. Griffin.

At Northwest One, seventh and eighth graders from Walker Jones Educational Center heard Ms. Griffin speak about Calvin and his best friend. Students continually asked questions and made comments about the friendship and lives of these protagonists. Nineteen copies of the book were taken to be read by the group. 

From seventh grade through high school, Nowhere to Run is a book in hot pursuit by readers.