Bullies Are No Fun

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Bullies Are No Fun

Two Books That May Be Helpful To You

Have you ever been bullied at school, on your sports team or while trying to play with other children? Did it make you feel sad, uncomfortable or lost as to what to do or say when you were treated this way?

The library has many books and guides to resources that can help you cope with children who bully you. Two books that are good to read and discuss with an adult are Bully by Patricia Polacco and My Secret Bully by Trudy Ludwig.

BullyBully by Patricia Polacco is a story about Lyla who moves to a new location -- and a new school. Lyla finds friendship quickly as she adjusts to her new school and the trails of fitting in.

Just like many other sixth-graders, she wants to be liked, successful in her endeavors and even popular. But as you work toward these goals, sometimes there are people – bullies – who don’t want you to succeed. This book has a bit of mystery as takes you on the journey of true friendship, learning who to trust and gaining the courage to stand up for what you know is right.

The book also deals with cyber bullying and doesn’t end with a solved situation. It poses a question to get you to think about how you would deal with Lyla’s circumstance instead of giving you a solution.

My Secret BullyWhy do children/people bully others? My Secret Bully by Trudy Ludwig offers some insight into why some individuals choose to behave this way.

Like Bully, this book also explores “relational aggression,” or emotional bullying. In My Secret Bully, Monica’s best friend is unkind to her and she has no idea why. She learns that sometimes talking to an adult can be helpful and comforting. Monica receives advice that gives her the confidence to take the action she needs without being a bully herself.

Although both these books are in the library’s picture book section, they are excellent for children age nine and older, and can probably be read in one sitting. Both have engaging illustrations to accurately show emotions experienced when dealing with bullying. My Secret Bully has a great resource section for more information.

I hope you will find these books helpful and explore our other resources.
-- Carmen Boston, Children’s Librarian