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Dig Into Summer Reading

Book Recommendations - Middle Grade Readers

Dig Into Reading What do you think of when you hear "dig into reading"?

Gardening? Sure! But what about digging about dinosaur bones, or other general archaeological finds? Or how about digging into the past? I think "dig into reading" can incorporate all those topics, and more!

Of course you can read about anything you want for our summer reading program, but I wanted to make a list of a couple great chapter books that tie into our theme anyway!

In Holes by Louis Sachar, Stanley Yelnats is stuck with a family curse that ends up getting him sentenced to a detention center for troubled boys where he is forced to dig, dig, dig. This hilarious book is a modern classic.
Sadly, all the digging we do can have severe environmental consequences. Karen Hesse's award-winning novel Out of the Dust  is a poetic novel about one girl's experience during the dust bowls in the Great Depression.Out of the Dust
Calpurnia Tate
Callie Tate is not interested in being a garderner or a lady, although she wouldn't necessarily mind gardening because she's a budding scientist deeply interested in the natural world. However, in 1899, her interests are not as acceptable as she might want. Still, that won't stop her from helping her grandfather attempt to make a scientific discovery in The Education of Calpurnia Tate by Jaqueline Kelly.
Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson books are super popular, but did you also know that he also writes books about Ancient Egypt? In The Red Pyramid, siblings Carter and Sadie are forced on a dangerous trip to stop the Egyptian god Set after their father accidentally freed him.Red Pyramid

Have any more suggestions for my list? Stop into the children's room or drop us an email!
-- Ms. Sho