Sharing Stories With Our Grand-Friends

Petworth Library

Sharing Stories With Our Grand-Friends

A DC Read-In event to cherish grandparents

Stories with Our Grandfriends
On Saturday, June 15, Petworth Library hosted its annual D.C. Read-In Event. D.C. Read-In is a day-long reading event hosted at all DC Public Library locations. It consists of activities to promote reading as a pleasurable activity, and celebrates readers of all ages.

This year, we chose an intergenerational theme, Stories With our Grand-Friends.  Grandparents or other senior friends were invited to dig into a bit of family history and join children for this special program.

During our time together, we danced to several songs, including “Ziggy Says,” a follow-the-leader type of song on Ziggy Marley’s Family Time CD. We played a fact-finding game to share what we cherished most about our grandparents and learn what qualities the children and their grand-friends had in common. We read three stories that focused on unique and loving grandparents (All About Grandmas, Whopper Cake and Fancy Nancy: My Family History), picked up a few new vocabulary words like “ancestors” and “deceased,” and then took time to make fancy Father’s Day appreciation cards for beloved Fathers and/or Grandfathers.

Overall, the family-friendly events of the day were a hit and everyone left with smiles on their faces and a resolve to spend quality time with their beloved grandparents.