Classic Hollywood Film Series

Mt. Pleasant Library

Classic Hollywood Film Series

Part of the Groundbreaking Reads Adult Summer Reading Program

image of the Hollywood sign with famous classic Hollywood actorsFollowing the Groundbreaking Reads theme for Adult Summer Reading, we’re going classic Hollywood in July and August.

Join us every other Saturday at 2 p.m. in the large meeting room for a screening of a groundbreaking Hollywood classic. Stay after each movie for a discussion of why the movie is considered groundbreaking and some movie trivia. Guess right and win a prize!

July 6
Filmed in 1940, the one where Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell talk really fast all the time. You think they're fighting, but really they're falling in love.

July 20
Filmed in 1948, the one where three guys go into the mountains as friends, then they discover something shiny and suddenly they’re not.

Aug. 17
Filmed in 1941, the one that made Orson Welles really famous, and takes place almost entirely in a really big house chock full of beautiful things.

Aug. 31
Filmed in 1950, the one where a guy trying to make a buck as a screenwriter befriends a has-been actress who lives all alone in a big house with her memories.