'The Indignant Generation'

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'The Indignant Generation'

A Narrative History of African American Writers and Critics 1934-1960

Indignant Generation Book CoverThe Indignant Generation has garnered numerous honors since it was published in 2011.

Lawrence P. Jackson
, a professor of African American Studies and English at Emory University, has compiled an account of African American literature and its critics from the end of the Harlem Renaissance to the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement. Authors of this period include giants of literature such as Richard Wright, Gwendolyn Brooks, Lorraine Hansberry, James Baldwin and others.

While authors and their works from this epoch are studied and rightly celebrated, for the first time a scholar has looked at the political and artistic environment that produced the great works of authors from this period.

  • 2011 Winner of the William Sanders Scarborough Prize, Modern Language Association
  • 2011 Winner of the PROSE Award for Excellence in Literature, Association of American Publishers
  • 2011 Finalist Hurston/Wright Legacy Award, the Hurston/Wright Foundation
  • 2012 Winner of the 2012 Book Award, College Language Association
  • 2012 Winner of the Literary Award for Nonfiction, Black Caucus of the American Library Association