Georgetown Book Club's July Selection: 'Gone Girl'

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Georgetown Book Club's July Selection: 'Gone Girl'

Gone GirlOn her first wedding anniversary, Amy Dunne writes in her diary, "I am fat with love, even though people kept telling and telling us the first year was going to be so hard, as if we were naive children marching off to war. It wasn't hard. We are meant to be married."

Almost four years later, just after her mysterious disappearance, her husband Nick reveals, "Over just a few years, the old Amy, the girl of the big laugh and the easy ways, literally shed herself, a pile of skin and soul on the floor, and out stepped this new, brittle, bitter Amy. My wife was no longer my wife but a razor-wire knot daring me to unloop her, and I was not up to the job with my thick, numb, nervous fingers."

What happened to Nick and Amy, and where has Amy gone? In her bestselling 2012 novel Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn provides fascinating answers and, on the way, a thrilling, surprising narrative of marriage and deception.

Check out Gone Girl and come discuss it with the Georgetown Book Club on Thursday, July 18 at 7:30 p.m. Copies are currently available at the Georgetown Neighborhood Library, and everyone is welcome!
-- Posted by J. Strusienski