Keeping Cool through Crafts

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Keeping Cool through Crafts

Teen Space Craft Books

home, paper, scissors by Patricia Zapata
Are you tired of the hot and sticky weather? Want to stay cool and busy? Visit Teen Space and browse craft books.

Patricia Zapata, author of home, paper, scissors, offers 33 crafts to decorate your home. With few materials needed, check out the ease with which to create a Sunburst Wreath or a Pleated Table Runner. All you need after paper and scissors is glue for a spectacular object of art.

Tape It & Make It by Richela Fabian MorganDuct Tape, with its myriad colors and patterns plus ease of use is great material to create a variety of must-have things. Tape It & Make It by Richela Fabian Morgan offers 101 Duct Tape Activities. 

All you need to make costumes, flowers, toys for kids, bags and more are a cutting mat, craft knife, metal ruler with cork backing and scissors.
T-Shirt Makeovers by Carmia Marshall and Carmen Webber
With T-Shirt Makeovers by Sistahs of Harlem Carmia Marshall and Carmen Webber, you can create hip hop style from a strait laced T-shirt. 

Your tools for style are scissors, hand sewing needles, straight pins, tailor's chalk and scissors. It will be a breeze to make a "Ritzy Wave Top," a "One Shoulder Delight with Lace Detail" and a "Perfect Combination Kimono Sleeve Tee."

Step into Teen Space and launch yourselves with these reads into a creative blast.