A Vegan Lifestye: A Primer

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A Vegan Lifestye: A Primer

People chvegan1oose a vegetarian lifestye for various reasons. Scientific research reveals that vegetarian diets help prevent cadiovascular diseases and contribute to weight maintenance.

Aside from a healthier life, some people want to do their part in preserving the earth, saving animals, and more. 

What do vegetarians eat? Are there different types? Is this way of life costly? If you desire basic information, you do not want to miss the documentary Vegucated, a sociological and adventurous film that covers the life of three meat-loving New Yorkers that agree to become vegans for six weeks. 

Noted expert and lawyer Patricia M. Welty, director of the nonprofit organization, VeganLife.org, will lead the discussion. Join us for an eductional treat on Wednesday, July 31, beginning at 6:30 pm.