Book Review: 'Bacon Nation'

Book CoverWhen I first saw this book, my mouth began to water. Bacon seems to be the new food trend as you see it in everything from chocolate to cocktails. Why? Because everyone, even some vegetarians that I know, loves bacon. The book begins with buying and basic cooking techniques. Making sure that you get proper bang for your bacon buck, it also talks about uses for the bacon grease--popcorn popped in bacon fat, anyone? 

Bacon Nation includes starters like bacon-and-tomato-stuffed artichokes and just gets better from there. Salads, meatier meats like osso buco and pasta dishes laced with bacon are all covered here. Appendix includes recommendations for great companies to buy the best bacon. 

I can't wait to check out this book. I can already smell the bacon cooking!
- - M. MacCall