Budding Young Poets

During the Dig into Poetry and Jazz program held June 25 in the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library’s children’s room, a number of young aspiring poets were discovered. After listening to various types of jazz music and learning about some of the great jazz musicians such as Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington, Wynton Marsalis, and Ella Fitzgerald, the children experienced poetry through recitation and playing a poetry word game.
When asked to choose a poem or two from a book to recite, Grant-Austin Simms announced that he has a journal of poems from which he could read. Grant-Austin is 9 years old and will be entering the fourth grade this fall at Inspired Teaching Charter School. He started writing poetry last year and below is one of his poems he read to the group.
Photograph of Grant-Austin SimmsState of Mind
Statues with the walls
with the birds united with
the young flowing wind
with friends that bring back real loving
memories that will
be in your heart like statues
put in the rocks of the ground
like friends put together that
will enjoy the way
of life the core of life is
love united with
the yoke of friendship with the
base of care which can
effect your mind even can
motivate softly
Other young poets from the program include Maisie Smith-Zoh, who is 3 years old and a regular Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library patron. Below is the poem she created from the poem game:
I see dark rain
Sun come back
And 12-year-old Acacia Lawrence, also a regular patron, created the following poem:
In the rain
I had a dream of color flowers singing.
All of these young patrons and others help to make for a very exciting and fun program.